Gig Log: Fire & Ice – The Engine Room

This past Saturday I hosted “Fire & Ice” at The Engine Room in White River Junction. For the first time, I DJed using music videos on MixEmergency alongside a text-to-screen app called JammText. I will definitely be incorporating music videos and the text-to-screen app at many more club nights and will be introducing it for private parties in 2019. I had to bring out my iMac to this event – the processing power needed for three applications at once was too much for the Macbook Pro. It went fine, however, as the case I snagged  to transport the iMac is great. One day we will make using iMacs socially acceptable for club DJs – December 1st was the first step towards making that happen!

Thanks to Zack Davis for sound engineering, Eric LaFountaine for the light show, Alberto Paniagua for the photos, and Brandon Fox for having me play hot tracks at his venue.

Photo by Alberto Paniagua

Photos from the evening available here.


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