Meet Camilo

During the day, you can catch me in your local clinic or hospital diagnosing patients and treating them as a medical student. At night, you may see me playing hot tracks at your local lounge or nightclub. Life – it’s a balance.


I started DJing on New Years Eve of 2015 going into 2016. My younger brother had invited his friends from to our house for a house party and I decided that I wanted to be the one playing the music. I bought two Harbinger speakers, connected them to my USB interface, and connected that interface to my laptop. All of a sudden I was the person who was able to navigate the vibe of the party and it felt very natural to me.


Practicing in Weston FL, 2016

A few weeks later, I bought my first DJ controller, the Pioneer DDJ SX2, and started playing around with the buttons and effects. I had no idea what I was doing, but it didn’t matter as I was practicing in my room learning what it meant to be a DJ.


Miami Springs FL, 2016

My first gig was for a 15 year old birthday party in Miami Springs; my cousin connected me to the birthday boy. I wrote about that experience in this blog post. I did a few more gigs during the summer of 2016 including a 50th anniversary high school reunion and a small wedding party. 


It was August of 2016 when I arrived at Dartmouth to study medicine. During the first year, I gained a lot of experience by playing music for my class parties after exams. The best piece of advice I received from a fellow student was “mix in and out of songs quicker”. In my second year, I got connected to a nightclub in the area and to community members that organize events.

I’m now in my third year at Geisel School of Medicine. My current goal is to obtain a residency position in a general surgery or vascular surgery program. However, I hope to continue DJing wherever I go for residency as it is truly a passion of mine. Feel free to check out my website for information on my DJ services and to view photos from past events.