Frequently Asked Questions


Most frequent questions and answers

“We had DJ Camilo as our DJ for the Upper Valley Aquatic Center’s 10th Anniversary Party and he did a WONDERFUL job. The music added so much to the event! Adults and kids alike LOVED his musical choices. In fact, we had requests for his contact info all day!” – Lisa S, White River Junction VT

“My business sponsors a number of community events in White River Junction and Camilo was recommended to us by a mutual friend. He has DJ’d a few of our parties recently and is SO GOOD at reading the room, setting the mood, keeping people moving or just easing in to a loungey atmospheric groove when the time is right. Our events often include guests ranging in age from teens to senior citizens, and I have seen this DJ give them all something to love!” – Kim S, White River Junction VT

“Excelente musica y el mejor DJ. El éxito de nuestra reunión por el 50 aniversario del comienzo de la universidad se debió entre otras cosas al magnífico trabajo de nuestro DJ Camilo. No hay duda que en futuras reuniones y fiestas contaremos con su talento. Muchas gracias Camilo! De parte de todos los invitados.” – Severo G, Miami FL

The fees that I charge vary from event to event. The factors taken into consideration include, but are not limited to: length of event, distance to event, anticipated number of attendees, client loyalty, and equipment requested.


Events start at $400/4 hours for the base package (Bronze), with the most frequent events landing around the $400-$600 range.


Weddings start at $800/4 hours for the basic package (Bronze), with the most frequent weddings landing around the $800-$1200 range.

There will be a contract for every event. The contract includes payment, set-up, and event details. The contract will be distributed to you once I receive the event information.

I have two main speakers, subwoofers, a DJ controller, a DJ facade, and multiple light bars at my disposal. I can rent equipment for parties or events that require additional equipment.


Package ideal for those looking only for music to be mixed!

Events: Starting rate $100/hr

Weddings: Average rate $200/hr


Package ideal for a dance party with loudspeakers and fun lights!

Events: Average rate $150/hr

Weddings: Average rate $300/hr


Package ideal for exciting entertainment, from music to lights to videos!

Events: Average rate $200/hr

Weddings: Average rate $400/hr

Contact me to see which of the packages above best suits your needs!

I have six years of experience as a DJ, but many more years listening to music, curating playlists, and choosing the next track in the car through the AUX cable.

Examples of events from my early years:

Club/Bar DJ

  • The Engine Room in White River Junction, VT
    • Engine Room Presents “Party Like A Graduate” Dance Party (2017)
    • Fairies & Rainbows – The Mermaid Rave Edition (2017)
    • The White Dress Party – Grand Opening of 1st Saturday Club Nights (2018)
    • The Red Dress Party featuring Plock & Balls, ShaR4, DJ Camilo (2018)
    • The Engine Room Presents “Fire & Ice” Featuring DJ Camilo (2018)
  • Gusto’s in Barre, VT
    • DJ LaFountaine at Gusto’s with Special Guest Young Milo (2017)

Community Events

  • Briggs Opera House in White River Junction, VT
    • Gory Daze Halloween Parade and Crystal Ball (2017)
    • Revolution’s Annual Black Tie Oscar Party (2018)
  • Upper Valley Aquatic Center
    • 10th Anniversary Celebration (2018)

School Events

  • Geisel School of Medicine Semi-Formal at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH (2017)
  • John Stark High School Prom at Mount Sunapee Resort in Newbury, NH (2017)
  • Thetford Academy Prom at Camp Billings in Fairlee, VT (2017)
  • Geisel School of Medicine Semi-Formal in Norwich, VT (2018)
  • Geisel School of Medicine Match Day Party at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH (2018)

I take requests as I see fit. If I’m playing Drake, the Lil Wayne request can make its way to the rotation shortly. If I’m playing Steve Aoki and the crowd is jumping, I will reconsider the Frank Sinatra request that I just received.

Requests before the event are helpful and recommended so that I can have the songs prepared beforehand. They also allow me to tailor the music selection specifically for the event. A “Do Not Play” list is also valued as I can make sure the songs on that list will not transmit through my speakers at the event.

It’s extensive. 15,000+ songs. I am adding current music to my library every week. I have Pop, Rock, Alternative, Hip-Hop, R&B, Electronic, Reggae, and Latin music.

I typically start with modern pop and hip-hop music and then ease into electronic dance music as the night progresses. I can experiment with the crowd by giving them the music they didn’t even know they wanted to hear. If all else fails, I have certain songs up my sleeve, such as Usher’s “Yeah!”, that can get a crowd moving.