Enrolling in Lead Services

Which lead service to choose?

This past week, I registered my DJ business on Thumbtack, GigMasters, The Knot and Wedding Wire. They all have different styles of advertising, but I ended up paying for two lead services at this time: Thumbtack and GigMasters.


I have set my weekly budget on Thumbtack as the lowest possible option that would retrieve a lead. Once I book a few gigs through Thumbtack, I’ll increase my weekly budget but for now, I’m careful with my bets. The low weekly budget is acting as a trial period until I see some success from using the service. In the past few days, I have not received a full match/lead but have seen quite a bit of partial matches in nearby states such as MA, NY, and ME. The quotes that I have sent for these partial matches have not been viewed yet, and it’s been a few days since I sent them. I haven’t made any money on Thumbtack yet, but fortunately I haven’t lost any money either.

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After paying $99 for 3 months, my storefront is now available on GigMasters. About 10 minutes after registering, I received a lead for a birthday party in MA. There hasn’t been a response yet to my quote, and it’s likely that this lead is a no-go for me. I’ll keep testing out GigMasters for the 3 month period and see how it goes as far as obtaining leads and booking events. They do take a commission from every booking through their service, but if it helps me get more bookings, I’m okay with that for now.

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The Knot

If I hadn’t already registered for GigMasters, I would have registered for The Knot. I received a call the other day from the local representative asking if I would be interested in a paid advertising position. At this time the answer is no, but she will probably receive a call from me around Spring time if GigMasters doesn’t work out.

Wedding Wire

Wedding Wire is the most expensive advertising platform, but it’s also the most popular and sought out. Placing my storefront on Wedding Wire and/or The Knot is one of my New Year’s resolutions, but I’d prefer the placement to be on Wedding Wire.

Thumbtack and GigMasters will be tried out over the next few months. If they don’t deliver great results, I’m switching to one of the top services: The Knot and/or Wedding Wire. 

Do you use any of these services and if so, which one?

How has your experience been with lead services?

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