Gig Log: Turned a House Into a Nightclub

Gig Log_ Turned a House Into a NightclubLast Saturday I was the DJ at the Geisel School of Medicine Semi-Formal. This year we decided to host it at a home in Norwich where seven of my classmates live as opposed to the typical venue at Dartmouth College, the DOC house. I was very excited to DJ at this home because I appreciate changes in setting from time to time and because I wanted to put on a party for my friends in the comfort of their own home.

Earlier that evening, I arrived to set up the equipment including the subwoofer, speakers, controller, and lights. It was my first time using my subwoofer which I bought back in June of 2017! I didn’t think I was able to fit my subwoofer in my car along with the rest of the equipment until I finally tried it. After a bit of tetris, all of my equipment that I currently use fits well in the car.

I’m really glad with how the event turned out from my DJ point of view. The crowd got a mix of different genres from hip-hop to house to pop and rock music. The lights and loud music really gave the crowd the feel that they could be taken away from studying and seeing patients at least for that evening. Thank you to the hosts for having me DJ at their home. I hope they had as great of a time as I did playing music for my classmates.

Here are some takeaways from the evening:

  1. Have a microphone accessible for every party. There were multiple instances when the hosts wanted me to make announcements regarding parking but I wasn’t able to without a microphone.
  2. Download a high quality version of a Happy Birthday sing along song. At midnight, I was asked to play Happy Birthday for a guest and because I didn’t have the song, I quickly jumped to YouTube and played the first hit I found. The audio from YouTube was so loud that I had to cut it instantly and fade the song in. Having the song in my Serato software would help me do a much smoother transition.

Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos or videos of the event, but here are two videos of the party at different times during the evening. I’m looking forward to my next mobile DJ events!

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