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Looking Forward to 2018

Looking Forward to 2018I just came across DigitalDJTips’s new article called “The Smart DJ’s Guide to Planning A Successful 2018”. The author, Joey Santos, goes into how insightful and motivational it could be for DJs to reflect on the achievements they accomplished over the past year. Santos also recommends DJs look forward to what we hope to achieve in 2018. I thought it’d be a great exercise for me to reflect on 2017 and look forward to 2018.

2017 was a huge step forward for my DJ game.

Here are my top achievements over the past year:

#1 Played for two hundred high school seniors at John Stark High School’s prom

#2 Played my first club gig at The Engine Room in White River Junction, VT

#3 Played at “Rio Blanco Social Club Presents The Crystal Ball” in White River Junction, VT

#4 Settled on a DJ software, Serato DJ, & recorded my first live mix

#5 Upgraded my sound system to include a subwoofer

Here’s what I hope to achieve this year in 2018:

#1 Incorporate Serato Video into my DJ repertoire using loops, effects, and music videos

#2 Settle on a stage name that I can use long-term for DJing & producing

#3 Upgrade my light show to include a truss, DMX control, and multiple lights

#4 Be the MC and DJ for a wedding party

#5 Play at a Dartmouth fraternity party or Dartmouth event

Here’s to a great 2018! Cheers.

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