5 Relatable Lyrics Off J. Cole’s The Warm Up

bbedb619df51d7c751c886dc70dfc60c.1000x1000x1J. Cole has been one of my favorite hip-hop artists for a few years dating back to his mixtape days, but many people aren’t aware of his earlier projects. The Warm Up gives insight into his views on pursuing pipe dreams, girls he’s met or fantasizes about, and the dichotomy of life goals his peers have in North Carolina, his home state.

“Can I Live”

This is The Boondocks/ I swear yo I’m like Huey mixed with Riley/ Thursday I be trying to save the world and then on Friday, I hit the club


See in my mind it’s like I’m perfect for her, I gotta show her/ But sadly in reality dog I don’t even know her/ But still somehow she got my mind infatuated/ Absolutely fascinated with the thoughts of what she might be like

“Last Call”

Wonder if the people know how many nights I spent alone/ Making beats, writing rhymes, thinking deep, fighting time

“Dollar and a Dream II”

You telling me about all the things you did for me/ When I was broke, you sent me dough and that was big for me/ See you was there every year when I needed you/ And you were so quick to give I had to be with you – references to Sallie Mae student loans

“Hold It Down”

You were my homie from the younger days, we grew up/ I went to school you went the other way/ But still my brother man

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