Recording Electric Drum Kit!

Kyle Dodder
Kyle wants YOU to listen to his MIDI recordings!

I’ve had MIDI cables sitting at my house with absolutely no use for them until now. My microphones record through XLR connections, my keyboard connects via USB, and the guitars connect via quarter inch cables directly to the interface. My friend Kyle told me he had an electric drum kit, and I thought it would be a great idea to test its recording capabilities with MIDI. We took a trip to Radio Shack and one of the employees, Diego, taught us how to connect the MIDI cables correctly. Turns out that Diego was right! In the future, Kyle can record his drum tracks with MIDI into my Mac and we can build a song from scratch. By the way, recording electrically via MIDI is much easier than recording an acoustic drum set with multiple microphones. Recording electrically allows you to quantize any notes that are off-time and make any other corrections you deem necessary.

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