OnCue – Angry Young Man

OnCue OnCue is hands down one of my favorite emcees ever. His charisma and wordplay behind the microphone are his greatest musical qualities. Perhaps my favorite track from him is “Feel Tall” off his Can’t Wait mixtape, but Angry Young Man, released in early September 2014, has some hits that will be on rotation for a long time. Just Blaze has production on the album, as well as longtime producers for OnCue including CJ Luzi, Mike Kuz, Manicanparty, and Brenton Duvall. Cuey has bars for days and he also sings his own choruses which is not common for hip-hop artists today. I recommend OnCue to anyone looking for new, fresh music that sounds nothing like what you’ll hear on the radio which, to me, is a good thing. Watch Feel Tall, his earlier hit, stream Angry Young Man using SoundCloud below, and let me know what you think!

“My songs seem to write themselves these days. Remember that last time I had nothing to say? me neither.”


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