Christopher Nolan’s “Memento”

“I’m Hip-Hop’s Chris Nolan, they know Kinetics been a threat. I’ve gained a following and I ain’t even drop Memento yet” – Kinetics, a NY based lyricist. I’ve heard Kinetics’s “Chris Nolan” song about twenty times but just recently got around to look into why Kinetics would title his track this way. After reading on RapGenius, I realized that Kinetics admires “his writing, storytelling ability and the intricacies of his plot developments.” You may know Chris Nolan from “Inception” or the “Batman” series, but I decided to start paying attention to his directing by watching his early works on Netflix: “Memento” and “Following”.

I watched “Memento” (2000) before watching “Following” (1998) because the description on Netflix sounded more interesting to me. I’d recommend this movie for those that are into topics such as revenge, guilt, moral values, and self-deception. “Memento” proposes that it is possible for you to believe something that may not be true if you implant it in your mind enough times. The non-linear storytelling adds a great touch by allowing the viewers to have a similar sense of what Lenny lives with due to his anterograde amnesia. The supporting characters and plot make it easy to sympathize with Lenny because not only did he lose his wife, but he also lost his memory and his life.

A couple of hours later I clicked on “Following” which was Chris Nolan’s first film about a young man who follows strangers in London streets and ultimately gets invited into a life of crime with a corrupt “friend” of his. I did not enjoy this film quite as much as “Memento” because of its slow pace, dark lighting, and a lack of interest in the plot and the characters. However, watching this film and then thinking of how great “Memento” is proves that success takes time and dedication in the business. “Following” is noted as a very well made no-budget film which is how Chris Nolan expanded his career and connections in the film industry.

Below is the trailer for “Memento”. If you have any thoughts on either of these movies that you’d like to share, please comment below. Enjoy!

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