Skyfall [Prod. by Ante]

I have a new recording to show you guys! It’s a song I wrote called “Skyfall” and it’s about how I pursue my two dreams of hip-hop and medicine. Pro Tools no longer works with my computer so I had to scale down and use a recording software called Mixcraft. I actually like Mixcraft better because it’s easier to use and is more user-friendly. I consider this song to be a demo because I had to record and mix it by myself, and until I have decent mixing that I consider good, I’ll call my recordings demos. I hope to record tracks at the studio at school and finally have official recordings that I can fully promote.

Lyrics will now be posted on RapGenius so that way if you need me to explain a line, that will be possible.

Below is the “In the Car” video I shot the other day of me rapping the first verse, and underneath that is the recording. Let me know your thoughts about either because I’ve realized that any feedback is good feedback. Constructive criticism is how I learned to rap.

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