“Hip-Hop & Heart Beats”

General Biology 2. Chemistry 2. Biology Research Lab. Chemistry Lab. English. Spanish. Introduction to Neuroscience Research.

That’s my schedule this semester. That’s 16 credits worth of classes that take up most of my time. I’m a full-time student with ambitious academic goals but my hobbies are what help after a long week of work.

I’ve been thinking about creating a music project lately and today is the day I’ll officially announce it on here. Maybe one day this post will have a lot of meaning. If the project doesn’t work out, this post will be just another dream of mine that unfortunately didn’t go through. Anyhow, I’m motivated to create it and here are the details:

-The title of the project will be called “Hip-Hop & Heart Beats”. This name symbolizes how I’m pursuing Pre-Medicine but at the same time very much enjoy Hip-Hop as a whole and would like to continue to be involved with it.

-The name came to me while studying for a chemistry exam. I went over to my desk, put my headphones next to the stethoscope that my dad gave me, and took a picture. The picture is attached and is what I think may just be the cover of the project.

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Hip Hop & Heart Beats

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-I’m not sure whether it’ll be an EP or a mixtape. Either way, it’ll be free and this is the least of my concerns right now.

-It will have 5 new songs and 2 bonus songs. The bonus songs are “Only A Dream” and “2012 Til Infinity”. I’m throwing these on here because they are my favorite verses to date and I want them to be heard more.

-Features will include my friends Andres “Tha Dreas” Rodriguez and Jarsi Ibanez.

-Because of my tough schedule, I plan to write during weekends when I’m free. This is the one factor that may prolong this project but I’ll try my best.

-Recording and mixing sites to be determined.

-I’m dropping my old rap name Frequen-C. It’s been dropped for about two years but because of the lack of content I’ve released, people may not know this. I may go with my real name as my rap name.

I just wanted to post this and keep my friends informed. Let me know what you think of my idea and feel free to comment on here, on a social media site, or in person if people still do that.


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  1. Good to hear you’re doing this. It sounds like you have a very time consuming schedule but everyone has to have some down time. I think this is a great way to spend it. Also I think the name is awesome! Can’t wait for the next update on the project.

    1. Thanks Dan! Appreciate it. I like how you came on here and read it. I’ll keep posting updates on the site.

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