Fake English Bulldog?

PapoEver since my mom and I took our dogs to the vet last August, there’s been a running joke about how Papo may not be a true English Bulldog. There is speculation that he could be a mix with another type of breed. In the video below I explained how the vet ended up saying he is a true breed, but even if he wasn’t, we still love him for whatever type of breed he is. However, recently a friend of my mom asked if Papo was a true English Bulldog. She said that he has longer legs than normal which is the same reasoning I stated in the video. Another night, the guy who dropped off the Chinese food asked if Papo was a Bulldog-Boxer mix. This again leads me to ask: “Papo, are you fake? Do we have a fake bulldog?”

One thought

  1. Hi.Yes,it´s an english bulldog boxer mix.It´s not a fake,because boxer is the same “family” !
    We got one too,looks like your´s 😉

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